Art and the Space Frontier

Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), Sensoria Mission 2, Mauna Loa, HI

We talk about going to Mars but what is it like living there? Often we consider the technological breakthroughs needed for space exploration but what does it mean to be a human in space?

Becoming a Marsonaut, Richelle Gribble. PC: Amanda Knutson
Hand-painted postcards from Mars with iron oxide powder pigment and Martian regolith. PC: Richelle Gribble
Eco Footprints, mixed media, 11 x 4 inches each. Artwork by Richelle Gribble.
Eco Footprints made from circuit boards. Artwork by Richelle Gribble.
Cave Paintings of the 21st Century. Artwork by Richelle Gribble.
Skylight of a Martian Cave as well as projections and cast shadows in caves. PC: Richelle Gribble.
Paintings of Martian rocks made from iron oxide, saliva, spirulina (Spira Inc). Artwork by Richelle Gribble.
3D scanning Martian rocks. PC: Chelsea Gohd.
Using augmented reality to animate 3D scans of rocks activated by hovering over paintings. Artwork by Richelle Gribble.
Modular synth for music, screening artworks in Habitat, and painting with crewmates. PC: Richelle Gribble
Marsonaut Vice Commander, Richelle Gribble. PC: Amanda Knutson

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